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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost Saga

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Ok  so I started playing a new game , it's called Lost Saga and it's absolutely AWESOME.
It's an online 3D action game published by IO Entertainment.
I know all this talk it's boring but the greatest thing about it it's that it has A LOT of characters.
Currently there are 28 heroes with many more to come. Here are some pictures of them.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Assumption Song

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There was an old farmer who lived on a rock
He sat in the meadow just shaking his
Fist at some boys who were down by the crick
Their feet in the water, their hands on their
Marbles and play things at a half passed four
There came a young lady who looked like a
Pretty, young preacher
She sat on the grass, she pulled up her dress
And she showed them her 
Ruffles, and laces and white fluffy duck
She said she was learning a new way to
Bring up her children, so they would not spit
While the boys in the barnyard were shoveling
Refuse, and litter from yesterday's hunt
While the girl in the meadow was rubbing her
Eyes at the fellow, down by the dock
He looked like a man with a sizable
Home in the country, with a big fence out front
If he asked her politely, she'd show him her
Little pet dog, who was subject to fits
And maybe she'd let him grab hold of her
Small, tender hands with a movement so quick
And then she'd bend over and suck on his
Candy, so tasty made of butterscotch
And then he'd spread whip cream all over her
Cookies that she had left out on her shelf
If you think this is dirty
You can go f*ck yourself!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another week is over....

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Another week is's kinda sad. I should appreciate time more, I always waste my free time. And nowadays I have a LOT of free time. But i can't help myself, I'm a nerd. I can't walk away from the computer just yet. I'll have my entire college life to live a bit. I can't wait. I always say to myself : "College is the place for everything." In the meantime I'll be happy with my boring life. I can't stop watching tv-shows. O_O I don't know what's gotten into me ...but they're awesome

And these are only a few.

And I can't forget about my favorite game of all time;

Sorry, I know this post doesn't make sense but i wanted to write something new.

Bye byeee ^_^ 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Most Awesome Person In The World

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Hmm you're probably trying to guess who it could be. But that's just an obvious question with an obvious answer : KIM HEECHUL ( HELL YEAH FANGIRL POWER!!!! <3)

He's a member of the popular band from Korea Super Junior:
                                                                                                                that's him   

   He has a gorgeous voice , i could listen to him all day.

He officially debuted as a part of Super Junior on November 06 2005. He was born July 10 1983 in Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea.  He is an internet freak as he spends a lot of time on the internet. He has a twitter , a cyworld(korean facebook or something like that) and a facebook account. He's also an actor. He stared in: 

He is best known for his insane hosting skills. He often appears in variety shows. I love him because of him personality, he's very funny and intelligent and has a kind heart. And he's weird which makes him 10 times better. 
It was a time when he appeared very controversial in South Korea because he kissed 2 members of his band in concert and another guitarist, friend of his also in concert. He is called gay because he is beautiful like a girl and mainly because of that incident ( *sob* :( me likes him very much =.= ~mean people >.<) But who doesn't like a little fan service? (Who's with me? Woot *high five*)

Well I don't wanna give more details. If I intrigued you go google him. You'll definitely love him.
Until next time here are some gif's that show him awesomeness:


Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleep Problem

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I'm really starting to hate my daily routine.
Everyday I come home from school and sleep for about 4-5 hours. But then at night I can't sleep at all. I usually go to sleep at 2-3-4 AM and I barely can wake up the next day.
Meh tomorrow I have a test paper at history and while I was studying I got on a fight with my mom so now I'm rebelling against her by not studying. But luckily tomorrow is Tuesday, my lucky day or the week, and It's also 9, my lucky number so yeah "Bring it on teacher!".
Gosh I'm so bored right now :(....
Today i ate pizza :| and i shouldn't have because I'm on a diet...oh well. Hmm it would be more fun if someone was actually reading what I'm writing. Such a boring day..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's me again

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I just wanted to post something i really thought was interesting. I'm a big fan of and i just read an article with the title "10 Long Awaited Conspiracy Theories". 
The number 1 spot caught my attention about a guy named Tom Ogle. I'll just quote the article here for you to read :
"You have probably never heard of him.  Tom Ogle invented a vapor-fuel intake system, in 1977, for all automobiles.  His system could be affixed to any existing car engine, and would enable the car to travel 100 miles on one gallon of gas.  He claimed that the emissions were clean enough that you could dry your hair with the exhaust.  He astounded the auto industry with his invention, and was, in fact, approached in 1978 by a representative of Shell Oil, who offered him $20 million, on the spot, for the patent and plans to his invention.  He refused, stating flatly that Shell would simply shelve the idea and it would never see the light of day.
Tom Ogle was found dead from an apparent overdose of Darvon and alcohol poisoning on 19, August, 1981.  He had been known to drink, but never so heavily that he had to go to the hospital.  The Darvon is the weakest link to the report that his death was an accidental suicide: Darvon is an opioid painkiller.  It does nothing else, and Ogle had no history of using it. He also had no immediate history of pain requiring an opioid analgesic.  The theory states that he was murdered by a Shell-hired assassin, who made it look like a suicide.  He actually got his fuel system patented, on 11 December, 1979, with patent number 4,177,179.  He was shot and wounded outside an El Paso, TX, bar earlier in the summer of 1981.  He claimed that people were after him for his patent.  Three months after his death, his original schematics and blueprints went missing from the Patent Office in Washington, DC.  Some of his schematics have turned up on the Internet, but not enough have surfaced to actually build his device."
I don't know why but this actually sounds pretty damn possible to me.But usually i believe conspiracy theories(not believe but think that there is at least some truth in them ) so call me crazy =.= .
Meh i guess I'll start to write a journal kind of thingy sometime soon. I should have a goodbye motto or something . I'll think about it.. :) Bye!~
Wait I wanna put a picture or something^

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey there stalker.;

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I have no idea what to write but I wanna see how this looks like on the page ^_^.
You'll have to let me think first~ Anyway the banner wasn't made by me but i forgot who i should give credit too. I'm not From America or Britain therefore  i'm not very good at english  so please bear with me.
Oki then, bye byes I wanna watch Supernatural. *waves* 

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