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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just watch it

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The ending is just watch it

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just finished watching Magikano

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Summary: Ayumi Mamiya is a witch cursed to lose her powers but there is one boy who can break the spell and save her. Haruo Yoshikawa thinks he is a normal boy but unknown to him his three sisters are witches who use their magical powers to keep him protected and ignorant about the existence of magic. Now Ayumi must wake up Haruo's latent powers to save herself but his sisters will have none of that.

Overall Magikano was a very enjoyable anime. It has a nice twist , but to me the ending was really sad QQ.
I would recommend this because it has it's moments and it's really funny. The characters are hilarious.

 Invisible boobies lol

Friday, February 25, 2011


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I've been so bored these days. I'm almost turning 16 but nothing seems to be different. I'm still the same; spending my time with a lot of crap( very entertaining crap actually^_^).
I have this huge obsession on League of Legends. If you don't know what League of Legends is then you're probably living under a rock. I just bought Ezreal and I spent a crap load of money ~6300 IP which is kind of a lot in-game, I don't know why he's that expensive =.=~
  But he's cute lol 

Also I really got into otome games. But i only played 2 =.=. RE:Alistair ( which was AWESOME)
and Yo-Jin-Bo~but it had some sort of glitch and at a point of the game no matter what choice I got to make I would die~ 
But if someone stumbled across my blog I would be very happy if you could recommend some games, and tell me where I can download them from , because in Romania you have no place to buy otome  =.=. (crappy country)

Teehee and I kinda have a crush on this guy who's so cuuuuute (~^_^)~. He's the cutest thing I've even seen in my life. My friends don't like him ( bad friends =.=). I don't even know him name but he's so cute I would watch his cute little walk all day .

Well that's about it :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


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Friday, February 11, 2011


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I just realized how retarded it must be for me to write this whole blog in English when I'm freaking Romanian. 
I feel very sad and i don't know why. A relative of mine just died but it's not that. That made me start thinking more about death and about my family and friends. If I were to die tomorrow my life would have been in vain. I haven't done anything important in my life. I would only leave a  vague trace in people's mind. Tomorrow my relative is being buried but I can't go and watch her like lifeless. People will be crying everywhere; it's such a sad view. 
Instead I'm going to my friend's house to watch a movie or something. That also makes me sad, because I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing. The fact that we didn't invite Diana makes me feel kinda bad because I started this whole thing with her but I can't help feeling the way I feel towards her. I know the things I say make her sad but I can't stop saying them even though I try. I just want to end this friendship because I KNOW I don't care about her anymore. It's just that I don't know why. Whoa it feels goos letting it all out. :) I just hope my IP teacher doesn't know English.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sorry blog QQ

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I kinda abandoned my blog.....I'm sorry blog i wuv you >:D<
The thing is I get into stuff easily and get bored of them kinda fast. Right now I'm kinda obsessed with Fringe and League of Legends. I don't even know why I have a blog. I think just to communicate with Andreea  (hi Andreea )

Anyway sowwy blog. We'll meet again soon...


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